The Library Top Ten – Part 1

A very big welcome to all our new students (and of course to all our returning students). To help get you started in the Library we have compiled a list of the top ten things you will need to use the library.

1. Goldsmiths card

Once you get given your card at enrollment guard it with your life! Without your card you will not be able to get in and out of the library. If you do forget your card during the day you can get a day pass from reception but not overnight. You also need your card to be able to borrow items from the library. The day pass only gives you access!


2. Library PIN

To reserve items, or renew your current items online you will need to log into ‘Your Library Record’. This can be found on the Library Catalogue. Your log in for this is your barcode number which can be found beneath the barcode on your Goldsmiths Card and your Library PIN. Your library PIN should be your date of birth in six digits e.g if your date of birth was the 5th November 1985 your PIN would be 051186.  If you are a member of staff at Goldsmiths or a visiting user of the library your PIN will be something else and you will need to contact the Library either by phone on 020 7919 7189 or by email at


3. IT username and password

This year there is a new service for students to get their new IT username and password. You need to go to the MyAccount page and fill in all your details. This will create your IT username and password. This allows you  use the computers on campus, to print, to photocopy, and to set up your email address. If you have any problems creating your username and password email  or visit the IT Helpdesk in the Library.

4. Library web pages to find the library catalogue and your subject pages

The Library web pages are full of useful information about the library. You can find out the contact details for members of staff, there is a link to the catalogue so you can search it from home, guides to resources in your subject, and information about using other libraries.


5. Printing account

To print in the library you need your Goldsmiths Card. We use a system called pcounter. To create your pcounter account you just need to swipe your card on the value loaders situated on the ground floor of the Library and enter your password. Once you have created your account you need to top-up, you can either do this with coins at the value loaders or by a card transfer online. Please be aware that once you have put money onto your account you cannot take it off, so think carefully before topping up lots of money.

– If you have forgotten your Goldsmiths Card you can top up by typing in your IT username and password on the keyboard of the value loader, you can also print by typing your IT username and password into the printers via the touchscreen pads. There’s more about printing on the IT Services web pages.


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