The Library Top Ten – Part 2

The second installment of our ten things to get you started in the library.

6. account

You log on to, Goldsmiths’ Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) using your IT username and password. You can find pages for your course and also for the library.

7. Self issue

To borrow or return items from the Library you can use the self-issue machines. Everything in the Library can be borrowed using them except VHS which still have to be borrowed from the Library Help desk. We have five machines in the library, all on the ground floor. Two are just inside of the entrance barriers, the other three are up by the Help desk. If you have any problem using them just ask a member of staff and they will be happy to help you.


8. USB stick or flash drive 

We advise you to get one of these to store all your work on. Please remember to create a file on there with your name and email address in case you lose it. That way we can contact you as you probably will not be the only student with a Goldsmith USB stick.


9. Box of Broadcasts 

Or BOB as it is affectionately known is a way to watch and record television programmes and films from a number of channels on your PC. To log in you just need your IT username and password and you can watch anything that has been recorded by any institution. So no need to worry about missing Neighbours whilst at a lecture, you can even go back and watch programmes you forgot to record over the last seven days.


10. Senate House Library

As Goldsmiths is part of the University of London, all Goldsmiths students have access to Senate House Library. To join you just need to go there with your Goldsmiths Card and you will be able to borrow their books and access all their journals. You can also access all their e-resources from home once you have registered. Plus if you live in Central or North London and do not fancy the commute all the way here it is also just a lovely place to study.


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