Should Goldsmiths Library stay 24/7? Have your say…


EDIT – 20/12/12

We have taken out the links in this post as the survey has now closed. Thank-you so much to everyone who responded, we had an unprecedented response.  In the New Year we shall let you know what you all thought.

We would really like to hear your views on 24/7 opening – both good and bad. The Library is currently open 24/7 apart from some college closure days (Christmas and Easter) for a pilot period until June 2013.

We need your feedback to help the College to decide whether to continue with this service 

We will be giving away a £50 Amazon voucher in a prize draw.
We will never share any personal information about you with anyone outside the team running this survey. When we share the results of the survey the data will be anonymised.

To complete the survey online click here, or click on the owl on the Library web pages

Help the library and have your say!

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