Christmas at Goldsmiths Library

tree close up

We are getting ready for Christmas here at Goldsmiths with our Alice in Wonderland Tree. All the decorations were made from a copy of Alice in Wonderland and the book cover has become the ‘fairy’ on top of the tree. On Friday we were the 14th ‘door’ on the Guardians Cultural Advent Calender.

Then later that day we made their list of the best Higher Education Christmas Trees.

Hopefully you have all seen the tree, for the last week or so we have been getting you to write your ‘winter wishes’ and post them on the tree. You have one more week to do this and we will respond to them in January


But here are some important things for you to remember.

The Library closes at 9pm on the 21st December and does not re-open until 8am on the 2nd January.

During the times we are closed you will still be able to access all our e-resources from home with your IT log-on.


E-Resource of the month – JSTOR

What is JSTOR?

JSTOR is a full-text archive of key academic journals.  The collections provide a complete back-run of each journal dating back to Vol. 1.  As it is an archive, JSTOR does NOT usually have current issues of journals, there is normally a lag of about 2 -5 years.

How do I access JSTOR?

From the E-Resources A-Z,then if you’re in college, click on the gold G (no password required) and if you’re at home, the green W for web access. You’re two clicks away from JSTOR and this is the quickest way to get to JSTOR from home.

Log-in using your Shibboleth log-in (your IT username and password) and you will then be taken to the JSTOR website.

If you know the name of the journal you are looking for, you can also search for JSTOR journals directly from the Goldsmiths Catalogue by searching in the ‘journals‘ screen and following the ‘findit@gold’ button.

Searching JSTOR

Type the words you wish to search for in the text box. You can choose search options form the drop-down menu to the right of the search box. This will tell JSTOR where to search for your keywords and you can search for topics, authors, or journal titles.

JSTOR normally filters search results to only the content you have access to, but you can change this once you are on the search screen (see picture below).

JSTOR search options

It is worth bearing in mind when you search that your topic will need to be at least a few years old and on an academic topic to get a good set of results.

Goldsmiths have an introduction to JSTOR on the library pages (Deadlock at Dawn). JSTOR have also helpfully made a video about advanced searching of their archives.

What can you do with the articles?

To begin with you can just read the article on the website, this is a good way to make sure that the article has relevant information for your work. If you want to do more with the article you can select to ‘View the PDF’ option from the tools box.  Once you have downloaded the PDF you can print the article or save it to your memory stick.

Access to more of JSTOR

If you have joined Senate House Library (any Goldsmiths Student can do this, you just need to go there with your valid Goldsmiths Card) you can access their e-resources remotely. Through Goldsmiths College you have access to the Arts and Sciences Collection I and III, but if you sign up at Senate House you also get access to Arts and Sciences Collection IV and V from anywhere. We even have a link to it from our e-resources page. If you have any problems accessing or using JSTOR or any other e-resource contact us in the library and we will be happy to help you.