Christmas at Goldsmiths Library

tree close up

We are getting ready for Christmas here at Goldsmiths with our Alice in Wonderland Tree. All the decorations were made from a copy of Alice in Wonderland and the book cover has become the ‘fairy’ on top of the tree. On Friday we were the 14th ‘door’ on the Guardians Cultural Advent Calender.

Then later that day we made their list of the best Higher Education Christmas Trees.

Hopefully you have all seen the tree, for the last week or so we have been getting you to write your ‘winter wishes’ and post them on the tree. You have one more week to do this and we will respond to them in January


But here are some important things for you to remember.

The Library closes at 9pm on the 21st December and does not re-open until 8am on the 2nd January.

During the times we are closed you will still be able to access all our e-resources from home with your IT log-on.


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