Your Winter Wishes Answered…

Welcome back to Goldsmiths for 2013!

In December we gave you the opportunity to write your winter wish for the library on a decoration to hang on the tree.  There is now a display on the notice board outside the Digital Media Suite showing all the wishes and the Library responses.


Here is a complete list of everything that was wished for (these were copied down exactly which is why some of them aren’t quite right):

  • Yes for a hot drinks machine and group study space would be good
  • A tea/coffee machine would be perfect! ❤
  • Hot drinks would definitely be great to have in the library to avoid having to pack everything everytime. Thanks!
  • Hot coffee needed!
  • Whatever you do don’t put a café in the library. Look at Queen Mary Uni as an example. It has not worked at all, students work less in there. I love Goldsmiths Library, I wish you all health and pay-rises.
  • Café, Sex room
  • Water! Hot for tea-making cold for refreshment and survival please
  • Water Coolers! And don’t close the library for so long for holidays
  • Access to cheap bottles of water (library is very hot!)
  • Water Fountain, Happy Holidays!
  • A tap in the library to refill water bottles (sustainability!)
  • Hot water so I can make Tea, Thank you.
  • I wish for a room where I can make my own coffee and heat up my own food.
  • Sleeping areas
  • A nap area! With bean bags. They have them a LSE and UCL its really useful!
  • Beds sleeping!
  • A merry Christmas and very merry new year to all
  • Be Happy
  • An excellent Christmas for the nice librarian from “the periphery of Europe” who helped me re-register
  • That all the librarians have a lovely holiday.
  • All library staff have a merry Christmas!
  • This is one of the most beautiful Christmas tree I saw. My wish is that you continue to be great as you are! Thank you!
  • More room for DVDs and pay rises for all staff
  • More art therapy Psych e-books! Student access to googlebooks/kindelbooks PDF?
  • More current Adobe programme guides (Photoshop, illustrator, premier pro, InDesign) and other useful graphics how-to guides. DIY books/DVDs (repair, building, crafts, etc)
  • The real wealth of nations Rianne Eisler
  • I wish for more books, more copies of certain books and basics kept for reference actually one of each book should be kept in the library!
  • Long-Distance learning support. Online Audio resources – recordings by composers
  • It does get a bit noisy in the library sometimes. Just getting people to be quieter could help
  • More silent Study and a café!
  • More silent study space
  • I would like a change machine for printing please
  • A photocopier upstairs for copying articles from journals and a print payment machine upstairs.
  • A change machine – a coffee machine – reading groups?
  • Please more printers (maybe upstairs) especially colourful ones
  • Different set of computers for short-term use (emails) v. long-term use (writing essays) Hot drinks machine not cafe– already too loud and crowded.
  • At least one place on the second/first floors to take out/return books and photocopy on second. A place to fill water bottles and make tea/coffee, heat food. Not a café.
  • Keep the 24-hour opening please
  • Please do not close we need library in our holiday life!
  • May the library stay open forever and ever
  • I want to do an exhibition in the library with book-objects that I make.
  • To have toilets that lock! And no leaky taps (computer room-side toilets on all floors)
  • That my Card will work first time in the turnstiles
  • Robot
  • I want to be with the German Queen
  • A pair of boots that fit

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