E-Resource of the Month – Academic Video Online


What is Academic Video Online

Academic Video Online is an online repository of approximately 17,000 video titles across several individual disciplines. We currently subscribe to three of its collections – Ethnographic Video Online (1,079 videos), Opera in Video (293 videos) and Theatre in Video (265 videos) and we have a trial of Black Studies in Video (142 videos) until the end of March 2013. Academic Video Online works with key distribution partners such as Documentary Educational Resources (DER), California Newsreel and others to provide collections of documentaries, newsreels, interviews and archival footage in these disciplines. The key personnel in these disciplines, whether it’s film makers, authors or composers are all represented in  the collections.

How do I access Academic Video Online?

Go to the E-Resources A-Z list. All collections are filed under Academic Video Online, but individual collections are listed on this page, e.g. go to ‘E’ for Ethnographic Video Online. Click on the brown ‘G’ for on-campus use. For off-campus access, you need your IT username and password (click on the green ‘W’ to log-in on the ‘Shibboleth’ screen).

Searching Academic Video Online

You can either browse or search the collections. You can browse alphabetically by title or by other criteria specific to the collection, such as author, composer, etc. The advanced search function allows you to search by title, personnel, language, keyword, etc. You can be as specific as you wish with your search. There are search tips available to help you make the most of your search. Films are usually available with full transcriptions. You can also make clips or playlists, create permalinks and enlarge the video screen as necessary.



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