Revision Tools 5 – Online Flashcards

FlashcardsIt may be a new week but today is your final revision tool from us. Today’s is all about online flashcards.

You no longer need to spend your precious revision time hand-writing your flashcards. There are now websites that will create them for you.

There are a number of them that can be found on the Internet, but a very popular one is Quizlet. With Quizlet you begin by making your flashcards online, then you can chose different study modes from your flashcards such as multiple choice tests and other games.

There is also the option, if you prefer the physical, to print off your flashcards.

For those of you who love a last minute cram, or revising on the go, there is an Quizlet app for the iPhone that means you can have a quick revise on the bus to uni! Flashcards+ is also very popular and available across different platforms, including android.

The Flashcard Exchange also allows you to make your own flashcards, or use flashcards made by others.

Memrise is another great tool that teaches and tests you on facts and words. It specializes in making sure information moves to your long term memory by periodically testing you and responding when you answer incorrectly. You can also connect with your friends on Memrise, or through Facebook, and compete for points. Why not create your own course and share it with your fellow students?


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