E-Resource of the Month – Credo Reference

What is Credo Reference?

Credo Reference provides access to about 100 reference books covering a range of subjects. You can use Credo Reference to find encyclopaedias, dictionaries, biographies, quotations, atlases, bilingual dictionaries, measurement conversions and even a crossword solver! Credo Reference provides images, sound files, animations, videos and much more. You might, for instance, need to check some biographical information about Michel Foucault or  need an image of the South African flag. The reference books on Credo Reference are trusted, authoritative sources that can be used for academic work, unlike Wikipedia.

How do I access Credo Reference?

Go to the E-Resources A-Z list. Click on the brown ‘G’ for on-campus use. For off-campus access, you need your IT username and password (click on the green ‘W’ to log-in on the ‘Shibboleth’ screen).

Searching Credo Reference

CredoYou can either browse or search the collections. You can browse using Find Topic Pages. This allows you to browse by category (e.g. Art, Literature) or by A-Z of all entries (e.g. Maya Angelou, Tanzania). You can also browse using Find A Book, which allows you to browse books by subject. You can also search by using the basic search once you’ve logged in. This allows searching by general topic, image searching or concept maps. Alternatively you can use the advanced search, where you can set very specific criteria for what to search for. Results can be sorted by relevance or publication date, and can also be limited by subject, date or entry type (e.g. with audio, with video). You can also save your results to your account and also export them to various citation management resources (e.g. EndNote, Zotero).


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