Library 5 a day

Welcome to the Goldsmiths library blog and welcome to the library. The blog is here to provide virtual support with reminders and tips which can be delivered straight to you if you subscribe to the blog, Twitter or Facebook,

This term we’ll be focusing on getting started in the library with your library five a day. These are the things you should remember every time you come to the library and will help your visit go smoothly and leave more time for studying!

1. Your Goldsmiths card – This is your student card, library card and Pcounter card. You need it to get into the library (and other buildings), borrow books and print/copy.

If you lose it, you won’t be able to borrow books. Please go to the security office in RHB to get a replacement.

2. Library Pin – You’ll need this to renew your books online from home, and to keep track of your due dates and any fines. It’s usually your date of birth in 6 digits (DDMMYY) but if it doesn’t work, ask at the library help desk and we’ll let you know what it is.

3. Self-service Machines – All of the books in the library are electronically tagged and can be issued by you using the self-service machines. There are two at the front of the library and three by the help desk.

self service

You can also look at your account and renew your books from here

4. ITS Username for E-Resources – Your ITS username not only allows you to log on to college computers, it’s also what you’ll need to use our extensive list of e-resources. including our latest addition, Cite them Right.

5. Ask Us – Not only can you ask us anything at the help desk and enquiry desk, you can now chat to us online!


Or use our “Ask Us” database for answers to frequently asked questions.

Stay tuned to this blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest library news and tips!



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