E-Resource of the Month – ACLS Humanities E-book


What is ACLS Humanities E-book?

Most of the library’s ebooks are supplied by Dawsonera and available from either their website or via our library catalogue. However, we do subscribe to ebooks from other places. ACLS Humanities E-book is an online collection of around 2800 ebooks in various fields of humanities, including Art, History, Media and Politics. These books are provided in collaboration with twenty learned societies, nearly 100 contributing publishers and librarians at the University of Michigan’s Scholarly Publishing Office. These titles are recommended and reviewed by scholars.

How do I access ACLS Humanities E-book?

Go to the E-Resources A-Z list. You can leave it as All e-resources selected or click A (either way, it will be one of the first results that appears). Click on the G icon if you’re on-campus and click on the W icon if you’re off-campus. If accessing off-campus, you may be asked to log-in with your Goldsmiths IT username and password. Alternatively, ebooks can be accessed via the library catalogue (see below).

Searching ACLS Humanities E-book?

When logged in, you can either browse or search the collections. To browse, click on the browse heading. You’ll then be able to browse by either author, title or subject. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll then be able to browse alphabetically. For instance, if you wanted a book on film noir, you could choose to browse by subject, then select ‘F’ and scroll down until you find film noir. Click on the subject to see which ebooks are available. Searching allows you to enter keywords, e.g. film noir again, and you can even limit by author/publisher/title/subject if you wish. To access the full text of a book, click its title, then click on the chapters you wish to use.

Titles from ACLS Humanities E-book have also been linked to our library catalogue, so it might be more likely that you find them this way. Just as you would any e-book, you’d just need to click on the ‘electronic book [click here to access]’ in the location field on the results page of the catalogue, and then click on the link in the record to reach the full text.

E-books can only be read one page at a time, but chunks of three pages at a time can be downloaded as PDFs should you wish to print.

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