Earth Hour 2014

Tomorrow is Earth Hour and whilst we’d love to participate in the library, sadly health and safety prevents us from turning off our lights. However, as we are open 24/7 and the lights are switched on anyway, why don’t you switch off at home and come join us in the library tomorrow night?

Image from flickr user sunnybeats under a Creative Commons license.

Earth Hour lasts from 8.30pm until 9.30pm on Saturday 29th March 2014 and it aims to raise awareness about issues that affect our planet. It is a commitment to recognize that what we do in our homes, workplaces and places of study can have an impact on the environment and the planet. It is one hour to symbolize a commitment to change.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding participation in this event then please check out Earth Hour’s useful FAQ, which covers information about its conception through to any safety questions you might have. We hope to see some of you in the library tomorrow night!

The library remains committed to the Green Impact initiative and continues to promote greener practices within the library. You can help us in our commitment to reduce energy consumption and waste through small changes such as; using the designated recycling bins, switching off laptop chargers when fully charged and using your own mugs at the cafe. The library cafe will also give you a 10p discount on your hot drinks if you bring your own mug.


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