Making your library a better environment to work in…


We know the Summer term can be stressful. Essays and dissertations need to be written and exams are revised for. We know students value the library as a quiet and effective place to work in, free from distractions. We understand how hard you are working and how you need the library to be a place you feel comfortable studying in.

With this in mind, we will start monitoring noise and other behaviour in the library from the 28th of April until the end of May. This won’t involve anything too different to usual. We’ll keep an eye on the different areas of the library so that we can help you work more effectively. If you see us in the library, and have any questions about where you can work, please feel free to ask. And please don’t take offence if we ask you to lower your voices or take that call on the ground floor.

To help your fellow students, please use mobile phones on the ground floor and eat outside of the reading rooms. Hot drinks you buy from the café are fine to drink whilst you work, but please make sure they’re covered. Also, don’t leave your laptops or other valuables unattended in the reading rooms.

The library has lots of different types of study space – choose the places that suit your needs. These will be well signposted:
Silent: 2nd floor near the 800s section (no laptops), 1st floor near School Practice (laptops allowed)
Quiet: 1st floor reading room, 1st floor IT, 2nd floor reading room, 2nd floor AV area, 2nd floor art journals room
Group: 7 study rooms in 2nd floor AV area (these will be unavailable after the 12th of May)

Please help your fellow students during this important time of the year by behaving as politely and respectfully as possible when you’re in the library, and let’s all hope you achieve the results you want to.

2 Replies to “Making your library a better environment to work in…”

  1. Taking enough time for the essays and dissertations in the right place is essential. If you got no place in your house where you can concentrate, the library is truly of great help.

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