Talking Textiles

Dorothy LintonHmong hat

Talking Textiles is a once monthly lunch time get-together for anybody interested in textiles or curious to find out more. A small selection of textiles from the Goldsmiths Textile Collection is available for viewing and discussion at the Constance Howard Gallery. For those keen to be involved further, there is the opportunity to research a chosen textile and to share findings or questions at the following session.

The Goldsmiths Textile Collection includes works by Goldsmiths alumni and other textile artists, collections of teaching samples, ethnographic and historical textiles and dress and print and archival materials relating to textiles. A diverse range of examples is on view at Talking Textiles and over the next few sessions will include a boy’s hat made by the Hmong people of Northern Thailand, an illustrated St. Johns Ambulance bandage from WW1, a felt sculpture by the artist Dorothy Linton and a sample of Victorian beetle wing embroidery.

Dorothy Linton 2Bandage detail

After the viewing, there is a chance to share your own textile projects and chat with other textiles enthusiasts over tea and coffee. The event is open to the public, as well as Goldsmiths students and staff and is an opportunity to foster relationships and share knowledge across disciplines and between different communities interested in textiles.

The next event is at 1 pm on Thursday 13th November.

For more information visit

beetle wing s 4986


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