World Book Day

IMAG0065March 5th 2015 is World Book Day, a celebration of books and reading worldwide. The event is now in its eighteenth year and its primary aim is to encourage children to read by working in partnership with schools and providing books, resources and information to help schools and children participate in the event.

If you live anywhere near a school or even just passed one today, you might wonder why children and teachers are dressed as literary characters. That’s just one way in which you can participate. So feel free to come to campus dressed as your favourite hero/heroine.

But everyone interested in reading is celebrating the event in one way or another; whether it’s tweeting what they’re reading or taking a shelfie to show the world what’s on their bookshelf.

Libraries across the UK are holding events – check out what some of the local libraries to Goldsmiths are doing:

At Greenwich, they are gifting book vouchers to children and hosting story times

Lewisham are asking its users to write reviews of books they’ve read and have them displayed in its main library, whilst in its Sydenham branch, they’re having a story writing competition (it finishes at 7, so you still have time!)

Southwark is hosting readings for children across its branches and also exploring storytelling through dance!

If you’re on Twitter, you’ll see World Book Day as the top trending topic – check the hashtag #WorldBookDay to see what’s going on across the UK.

And please tweet us @GoldsmithsLib – send us your shelfie or just let us know what you’re reading (whether for your course or recreationally). See ours at the top of the post.


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