Reading Lists

readinglistsDo you know about the Goldsmiths’ online Reading Lists System? The online Reading Lists System was launched in September 2014. Currently we have around 300 reading lists available online. The system website is and it can also be accessed via, the library catalogue and the library web pages.

The online Reading Lists System enables students to access their reading lists online. It shows the real-time availability of items in the library; as well as linking directly to online resources such as e-books, journal articles, audiovisual items such as DVDs, blogs and even Youtube clips etc. It provides simple access to course reading materials, and students can easily identify essential readings, recommending readings materials for each topic/week/course.

Students can add notes to each item or add their reading intention to a list as well as create their own reading lists once they’ve signed in using their campus username/password. Further information and guidelines for the system can be found at

If you don’t find a list on the system for your course, it is possible that your lecturer has not set one up; ask them in the first instance. Not all lecturers will choose to place their lists here.


Christmas Opening Hours

Goldsmiths Library

The Library closes for Christmas on Tuesday 23rd December at 21.00. It will be re-open in the New Year at 08.00 on Monday 5th January.

Ordinary loans that are borrowed this week will be due back on the 5th January, 7 day loans will continue to be issued for 7 days until Friday 12th December. From the 12th onwards, 7 day loans will be due back in the New Year. If you wish to keep your books until the Spring term starts then please renew your books online over the Christmas break.

Senate House Library 

Senate House Library will be open from 09.00-18.00 on 22nd & 23rd December. It will then be closed until 09.00 on Monday 5th January.

Other University of London Libraries / Other University Libraries

Most other University of London Libraries will also be closed from 24th December until early January. Some of the other University Libraries in London may have limited opening hours over the vacation.  If Libraries are open over the break there may be access restrictions in place, it is best to check their individual opening hours and access policies before you visit.


Merry Christmas from all the Library staff!

Essential Library Tools: Part 3

Library website

Goldsmiths Library offers a wide range of services, collections and facilities to support teaching, learning and research within the University. A useful link for new students gives information on library tours, usernames and passwords, information skills training and subject support.

Contact Us

Thechatre are lots of ways to interact with the library, whether in person, online or over the phone. If you’re visiting the library, come to the ground floor library helpdesk to speak to a member of staff in person. Alternatively you can call the library on the following number 020 7919 7189 or email us at If you’re online you can use our Ask Us app to chat to a librarian and get real time answers to your questions. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Essential Library Tools: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our essential library tools designed to help you familiarise yourself with the library and make the most of your time here. Below are three more things to remember.

self service

Self service machines

Although you can borrow, return and renew books at the library issue desk, it can be busy at the start of term. To avoid queuing, you can use the number of self service machines we have on the ground floor of the library. They are simple to use. You just need to use the borrow or return button the screen and follow the instructions using your ID card and placing the books in the right area for borrowing and returning. Check the screen to make sure all your books have been accounted for and keep the receipts provided, especially when you borrow as these will tell you the due dates of the books. You can also renew using these machines.

Senate House Library

Senate House Library is the main library for the University of London. University of London students (which includes Goldsmiths) can have free membership to borrow books and use their electronic journals and databases off-campus. They have a number of historic and research collections that few other libraries hold and their electronic resources are comprehensive (including many titles we don’t subscribe to). Students should register in person with their Goldsmiths ID card. You will then be provided with an ID card for Senate House, which you should use for subsequent visits. Use this ID card number and your name when accessing electronic resources off-campus.

Library Catalogue and Article Search+

The library catalogue should be the first place you search for items on your reading list, especially books. It’s simple to use – if searching for books, we recommend you retain the “all fields” search and search for a combination of author and title, although you can change this search to solely author, title, etc. if you wish. You can also use the tabs above to search for journals, videos/DVDs, PhD theses and more. When you search for items, you’ll notice columns in the search results that display author, title, location and copies (held/loaned). The last two columns explain where in the library the items are held, including the classmark, and how many copies we both have in total and how many are on loan (therefore showing how many are available). Click on either for more detail. You can also use the library catalogue to check your library record (to renew books) and request inter-library loans. The library catalogue can be accessed from the library website via the search widget or the link on the right.

Article Search+ should be where you search for journal articles; either those on your reading list or when you’re researching around your topic for assignments, for example. Article Search+ brings together most of our database and electronic journal subscriptions into one simple Google-like search tool. It can be accessed from the search widget on the library website (click Article Search+ first) or from the Resources tab on the library website. If you know the exact article you want, you can type the entire title in and assuming we subscribe, it should appear as one of the first results. Click on its title and when it shows you the article information again, click Go to take you to the full text. If you’re just searching for a topic, try a combination of keywords. We suggest starting with three or so, and adding more to reduce the results, rather than being too specific. Use the post-search filters on the left too, to further reduce the results. Again, access the articles simply by clicking on their titles and clicking Go on the next screen

Essential Library Tools: Part 1

Welcome to the Library! We will be blogging this week about the essential things you need to know about using the Library.

Part 1 explains your Goldsmiths card, your Library account and your campus username and password. Look out for Part 2 and 3 later on this week which will cover using the self-service machines, the library catalogue, Senate House Library and how to get in touch with us.

Goldsmiths card

After you’ve enrolled you will receive your Goldsmiths card. This card is your College ID card and also functions as your Library card. On the front it will have your photograph; barcode; your student number; department details and the expiry date of your card. You need to have your card with you each time you visit the Library.

Your card will allow you to

  • Enter and exit through the turnstiles
  • Borrow books
  • Use the printing/photocopying facilities

Your Library PIN number

You can login to your Library account to renew or reserve books on campus or at home via the Library catalogue. To login click on Your Library record, you will then be asked to enter your library barcode number and your Library PIN number. Your Library PIN number is your date of birth as 6 figures with no dashes in between- DDMMYY

Campus username and password

IT will provide you with your campus username and password. You are provided with a temporary password that you should change by going to the registration portal and setting up the security questions.

You will need your campus username and password to login to any of the computers in the Library building, your email and You will also need your campus username and password to login to the following Library electronic resources-  e-journals, e-books, reading lists online and databases.

Welcome to the Library

Welcome to Goldsmiths!

The Library is at the heart of Goldsmiths and over the course of your studies you will be spending a lot of time here! To get you started we are providing a series of welcome events that will help you to navigate the building, discover the varied resources we offer and find out how and where you can find assistance.


Come along to one of the Library tours so you can find your way around the building. We will show you the reading rooms; student IT zones; printing and photocopying areas; how to find and borrow books and where the service points are.

Tours run every 30 minutes from 10.00-16.30 Monday to Friday during Welcome Week. Meet at the Library tour bus top in the Library Foyer. Tours continue at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 during 29th September- 3rd October.


Inductions will be taking place during Welcome Week so that you can meet your subject librarian and learn more about the library. Your subject librarian will usually be your main contact in the library. Your department may have arranged a library induction – please check your timetable to see whether they have. Otherwise, your subject librarian may attend your departmental induction instead. Your subject librarian will talk about the library’s extensive collections of resources and explain how he/she can support your studies.


Library staff will be available in the College Green Marquee on Monday and Tuesday during Welcome Week. Stop by and say hello to the Library staff between 11.00 and 14.30 to ask us any questions you have about the Library.


Throughout Welcome Week we will be blogging about the 9 essential things you need to know about using the Library.

If you have any questions please contact us by emailing

Making your library a better environment to work in…


We know the Summer term can be stressful. Essays and dissertations need to be written and exams are revised for. We know students value the library as a quiet and effective place to work in, free from distractions. We understand how hard you are working and how you need the library to be a place you feel comfortable studying in.

With this in mind, we will start monitoring noise and other behaviour in the library from the 28th of April until the end of May. This won’t involve anything too different to usual. We’ll keep an eye on the different areas of the library so that we can help you work more effectively. If you see us in the library, and have any questions about where you can work, please feel free to ask. And please don’t take offence if we ask you to lower your voices or take that call on the ground floor.

To help your fellow students, please use mobile phones on the ground floor and eat outside of the reading rooms. Hot drinks you buy from the café are fine to drink whilst you work, but please make sure they’re covered. Also, don’t leave your laptops or other valuables unattended in the reading rooms.

The library has lots of different types of study space – choose the places that suit your needs. These will be well signposted:
Silent: 2nd floor near the 800s section (no laptops), 1st floor near School Practice (laptops allowed)
Quiet: 1st floor reading room, 1st floor IT, 2nd floor reading room, 2nd floor AV area, 2nd floor art journals room
Group: 7 study rooms in 2nd floor AV area (these will be unavailable after the 12th of May)

Please help your fellow students during this important time of the year by behaving as politely and respectfully as possible when you’re in the library, and let’s all hope you achieve the results you want to.